The Aerozone Alliance On the Move

Partnerships Were Established

A list of partnership proposals was established with the Aerozone Alliance as a lead partner. Memoranda of understanding was sent to two private firms with who the Aerozone Alliance will begin work to develop programs and technology industry clusters.

Existing Businesses Were Approached to Expand Their Operations Into The Aerozone

Five existing businesses were approached to: move jobs to the Aerozone district; create a new company within the Aerozone; expand their business within the Aerozone; or do an upgrade that will preserve jobs within the Aerozone. The companies the Aerozone is in discussions with are:

  • Tamarack – Aerial Services
  • Virtual Intelligent Analytics
  • Innovim
  • Zin Technologies (expanding their NASA Glenn presence)
  • Weiss Rohlig
  • Park Corporation (I X Center)

The Aerozone is Building Relationships and Bringing Jobs to the District

Two executive jobs have been attributed to the Aerozone’s relationship building efforts. Full implementation of this goal will continue throughout 2019. During this time, our priorities are to build a formal board of directors; a dues-paying membership to further establish and develop the Aerozone Alliance institution, and fund match of County support from private sources.

Additional Priorities Were Established for the Remainder of 2019

The Aerozone is developing a program focused on successful SBIR projects entering stage 3 affiliated with NASA Glenn technology research work and eligible patents developed by NASA engineers.

Programs will be held for the Aerozone business district at little or no cost to the participants. In 2018, this included a briefing by the Cleveland Hopkins Airport Director, Robert Kennedy; partnership activities with the Ohio Aerospace Institute including “AeroInnovate” an organization devoted to help entrepreneurs bring aviation business to the marketplace.