Great Lakes Aviation & Space Technology Alliance event banner

Great Lakes Aviation & Space Technology Alliance Inaugural Symposium

October 11 – 12, 2023
Ohio Aerospace Institute, 22800 Cedar Point Road, Cleveland, OH 44142

The Great Lakes Aviation and Space Technology Alliance (GLASTA) was formed in 2022 through a bi-national Memorandum of Understanding between The Ohio Aerospace Institute, the Council of the Great Lakes Region, and Aero Montréal. GLASTA’s purpose is to strategically explore our bilateral, regional opportunities for collaborative innovation, supply chain and business development within the aerospace industry.

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural GLASTA Symposium, an event that offers participants an opportunity to shape the future of aerospace across the Great Lakes region. The focus of this year’s Symposium will be on opportunities in Ohio and Quebec within the Advanced Air Mobility and Space sectors. Join peers from Ohio and Canada as we gather to set a foundation from which the alliance can develop. Presenters from influential Canadian organizations will join their US counterparts to discuss current research, infrastructure and supply chain, and the collaborative possibilities for the future. Join us as we create the future of Great Lakes aerospace, by redefining boundaries and possibilities.

Strategic Collaboration: This event promises to be the nexus of innovation and collaboration, spotlighting unique cooperative opportunities for Canadian and US companies in the Great Lakes region.

Be Among the Leaders: GLASTA is extending an exclusive invitation to key industry leaders who not only have a stake in the present, but also the vision to mold the future. By joining, you position yourself among those shaping the regional aerospace industry.

Engage with Experts on the Forefront: Our stage will feature recognized thought leaders who are making an impact in the areas of advanced air mobility and space technologies. Their presentations will be designed to spark ideas and active discourse.

Design Your Alliance: More than just a passive experience, participants will be invited to contribute actively to the development of a robust alliance. Your voice and your expertise can guide the economic future of the Great Lakes region.