Airplane in flight

A Month of Milestones: Celebrating Major Wins in the Aerozone District with Frontier Airlines, Ubotica, and an Innovative Smart Job Fair

We have had an incredible month of wins and announcements at the Aerozone. Thanks to an incredible array of our communities (Berea, Brook Park, Cleveland, Fairview Park, Middleburg Heights, North Olmsted, Rocky River, and Strongsville), Cuyahoga County, and our regional, state, and federal partners, our District is truly starting to take flight.

Frontier airlines Cleveland press event1) Frontier Airlines’ New Crew Base Catalyzes Economic Surge in Aerozone District

Frontier Airlines’ announcement to open a new crew base at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport marks a significant victory for the Aerozone District, heralding economic growth and job creation. Slated to commence operations in March, this development is set to introduce over 400 new positions, including 110 pilots, 250 flight attendants, and 50 aircraft maintenance workers in its first year, contributing nearly $80 million in local wages annually.

The decision by Frontier to expand in Cleveland reflects the airline’s confidence in the area’s growth potential. With the airline’s seat capacity in Cleveland increasing by 53% over the past year, the city’s aviation landscape is witnessing a remarkable surge, further cemented by Mayor Justin Bibb’s positive outlook on the upcoming airport terminal rebuild set for 2025. This expansion not only underscores Cleveland’s revival post the United Airlines hub closure in 2014, but also positions the Aerozone District as a thriving aviation hub with promising prospects for sustained economic dynamism.

The Aerozone Alliance is especially proud to recognize the City of Cleveland, Greater Cleveland Partnership, and Destination Cleveland for their instrumental efforts in helping secure this victory.

Ohio Aerospace Institute headquarters2) Aerozone District Secures Ubotica’s AI Satellite Headquarters

In a strategic move that further highlights the growing prominence of the Aerozone in the aerospace and technology sectors, Ubotica Technologies, an innovative Irish company specializing in artificial intelligence for satellites, has chosen to set up its US headquarters within the District. This decision places Ubotica at the heart of American aerospace research and development, located within Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), adjacent to the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Ubotica’s presence in the Aerozone District marks yet another win for the area, highlighting the District’s capacity to bolster the local economy. OAI, a catalyst for aerospace growth and innovation, played a pivotal role in securing Ubotica’s commitment. By providing an environment conducive to collaboration and advancement, OAI has positioned the Aerozone District as a hub for cutting-edge space and aerospace innovation.

The new US headquarters brings Ubotica closer to NASA’s resources and the defense industry, while showcasing the District’s capability to attract global innovators in aerospace technology. This expansion, backed by significant investment from prominent venture funds, is set to enrich the Northeast Ohio’s economic landscape. Kudos to OAI for their leadership in securing this win and for driving Northeast Ohio aerospace industry forward.

People at Cleveland Hopkins Airport3) Smart Job Fair on December 5 Aims to Revitalize the Workforce in the Aerozone

As we continue to gather momentum, our focus shifts to the people who will fuel this growth—our local workforce. On December 5, 2023 (10am-3pm), a pioneering initiative will be realized with the launch of the ‘Smart Job Fair‘ in the Aerozone District, hosted at the bustling hub of Cleveland Hopkins Airport, and supported by Aerozone Alliance partners Ohio Means Jobs, Manufacturing Works, and GCRTA.

This event offers Northeast Ohio residents a gateway to aviation-related employment—from high-skilled technical roles to customer-facing positions in airport services and retail. Aiming to attract 25 employers and 250 job seekers, the fair will not only facilitate employment connections, but will also serve as a touchstone for learning about both the needs of the business community and the hurdles faced by job applicants.

The Smart Job Fair serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Aerozone Alliance and its partners. Together, we are dedicated to solving workforce challenges and ensuring that the District’s potential is realized through the talents of our community, while nurturing a skilled workforce that meets the evolving demands of the aerospace and aviation industry.

Be sure to join us for this inaugural event where opportunity takes flight. We welcome both employers and jobs seekers. Learn more about the job fair here.

These collective achievements are just the beginning. With the unwavering support of our regional, state, and federal partners, the Aerozone District is not only taking flight but soaring to new heights of economic vitality and innovation. As we look ahead, we remain committed to fostering growth, nurturing talent, and ensuring our region continues to be a beacon of progress and opportunity. The sky is only the limit.