representatives from Malley's

A Visit to Malley’s Chocolates Brook Park Headquarters

We had the pleasure to step into the heart of Cleveland’s confectionery legacy by visiting Malley’s Chocolates Brook Park headquarters and adjoining store. Since 1935, Malley’s has been weaving its way into the fabric of our city. Today, their iconic brand and family business continues to thrive with 19 stores throughout Northeast Ohio.

Last year marked a significant milestone for Malley’s as they embarked on a journey of innovation and growth. With a strategic recapitalization, they’ve positioned themselves to expand their brand not only within Ohio but beyond its borders.

Malley’s isn’t just about preserving tradition; they’re also embracing the digital age with an online distribution system as well! Whether it’s sending a box of chocolates to a friend across the country or surprising a business associate with a special treat, Malley’s online platform simplifies the process.

During our visit, we witnessed Malley’s commitment to growth supported by partnerships with TeamNEO, the City of Brook Park, and the Aerozone Alliance. These collaborations offer resources for workforce development, innovation, potential grants, and incentives, which can help fuel Malley’s expansion plans.

Here’s to Malley’s Chocolates, a true Cleveland treasure!