Representatives from Assembly Specialty Products

A Visit with Assembly Specialty Products

We had the pleasure of visiting Assembly Specialty Products, a custom wire rope and cable manufacturer in Brook Park. We met with Steve Konig, the company’s Chief Operations Officer, who shared insights into their operations.

Assembly Specialty Products caters to a wide array of industries, including construction, military, aviation, architecture, and more. Their precision-engineered products are integral to major crane manufacturers worldwide.

What struck us most during our visit was the company’s dedication to excellence, from material selection to the production processes. Steve emphasized their commitment to stringent quality control measures and also continuous upgrades and investment in their machinery.

Notably, Assembly Specialty Products places a strong focus on sustainability, and minimizing their environmental impact while maximizing efficiency. Most recently they purchased 630 solar panels for their roof, a $600,000 investment that will generate 310 kilowatt-hour daily.