Cuyahoga County Skill Up Program and Resources for Local Businesses

Local Business Resources: SkillUp 2.0

Cuyahoga County’s SkillUp 2.0 program has been designed with one primary purpose – to help businesses grow! SkillUp 2.0 helps employers upskill their staff and offer them generous financial incentives to do it.

SkillUp can help your company establish a training plan if one does not already exist, identify training providers to carry out the training plan they develop for you, and upon completion of training, provide incentive reimbursements related to the cost of training. They cover half the cost of the training and provide the company certain bonus opportunities if you’re able to provide wage increases.

Paul Davis Restoration, located within the Aerozone District, has been a SkillUp 2.0 client for over a year. By utilizing the SkillUp 2.0 program, Paul Davis Restoration has been able to provide its employees additional training opportunities to help improve their skill set in industry leading certifications. According to Dan Given, General Manager at Paul Davis of Cleveland Metro West, the SkillUp 2.0 program has allowed them to train a far greater number of employees faster and keep each certified in industry leading certifications. These certifications not only allow Paul Davis Restoration to grow the overall business at a faster pace, but also provide each employee with resume building educational opportunities that can be carried from job to job. This program also offers them greater earning potential and further career growth.

SkillUp 2.0 is a game changer for local companies wanting to improve their employee’s opportunities when training costs are growing at alarming rates.

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