Ubotica’s CogniSAT-6 Launch to Transform Earth Observation

Ubotica, a pioneer in autonomous SPACE:AI-enabled satellite technology, with US headquarters soon opening at the Ohio Aerospace Institute in the Aerozone, has successfully launched its groundbreaking CogniSAT-6 mission onboard SpaceX’s Transporter 10. CogniSAT-6 will revolutionize Earth Observation, providing actionable Live Earth Intelligence for real-time decision-making.

This mission leverages Ubotica’s partnership with Open Cosmos, who designed and built the satellite which is called Hammer (Hyperspectral AI for Marine Monitoring and Emergency Response). The CogniSAT-6 mission with the Hammer satellite marks a revolution in Earth Observation, combining onboard AI with live communications to stream Live Earth Intelligence directly to users. This unprecedented capability empowers immediate analysis and action across various industries.

“Just as AI transforms life on Earth, SPACE:AI will revolutionize how we understand Earth in real-time,” Fintan Buckley, CEO at Ubotica, commented. “CogniSAT-6 empowers users with Live Earth Intelligence, transforming how we interact with our planet. It combines onboard AI, real-time satellite communication, and adaptable observation strategies for immediate, actionable insights.”